There are no words

Here’s Chris “Birdman” Andersen of the Denver Nuggets from the game against Oklahoma City on Sunday night.

When Andersen played for the Hornets and the team relocated to OKC in 2005-07, he was a fan favorite. He had way fewer tattoos then, including none on his neck. What was he thinking? He will look even more ridiculous in 30 years.


Puma love

Ever since former Oklahoma State golfer Rickie Fowler signed an endorsement with Puma, my casual interest has turned into an infatuation. (With Puma, I mean. Not Rickie Fowler. That would be weird.)

Getty Images

Fowler loves the monochrome look. Some say it’s over the top, but it’s obvious Fowler has already established himself as a fashion icon in the sport. The above is what he wore for the opening round of the Masters. You know what I like about him? He always does it up big.


And while Tiger Woods wears red on Sundays, Fowler always wears his trademark head-to-toe orange, presumably as an homage to his alma mater. Or he just likes the color.

Getty Images

That’s enough about Rickie Fowler. Back to me. So I’m in the market for a new pair of sneakers (or “kicks,” as the kids call them this days) for rare no-heel occasions. After MUCH searching, I stumbled upon these gems ($75,

Or do I want white and gray?

Can’t decide. Wish I could afford both. Will probably go with the red. Isn’t that would Rickie would do?

Peyton plays it cool

As I mentioned previously, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning visited Tulsa last week to speak at a fundraiser for the Salvation Army. This is what he wore.

Tulsa World

This is very Peyton Manning — understated but cool. He doesn’t need to be flashy. If not for the pocket square, it would be a little plain. But the suit was so well-tailored, he could have stepped out of GQ. His speech was a little scripted, but no one seemed to mind. Very cool to see him in town.

Read what my co-worker Matt Baker wrote about Manning’s thoughts on the NFL.

Up close and personal

I was lucky enough to attend a Salvation Army benefit featuring Peyton Manning last week. After much debate, I went with a dress I couldn’t really breathe in ($35, H&M).

But it’s still my favorite. When in doubt, women should ALWAYS go with a little black dress. I wore it with nude platform heels and a dark purple clutch. Breathing is overrated.

Collison for the win

Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Nick Collison sat out Wednesday’s regular-season finale (an embarrassing overtime loss to Milwaukee) while resting up for the NBA playoffs.

Seriously, this is perfection. Look at the pocket square! He looks dapper but not ridiculous.


Today, the Tulsa Shock drafted Australian center Elizabeth Cambage second overall in the WNBA draft. Cambage was one of 15 draft prospects invited to ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn.

Cambage is 6-foot-8, beautiful and confident. She wore a black ostrich-feather shrug that I go back and forth on. I guess if you’re making your US debut, you should go big or go home.

Love the red lipstick, though. You can’t tell from this photo, but the other side of her head is shaved. Interesting look that actually works for her with the extensions. Can’t wait for her to bring her fashion sense to Tulsa.


Two of my favorite looks from the past week.


Notre Dame lost to Texas A&M in the NCAA women’s championship game Monday. Coach Muffet McGraw is one of the few coaches who wears a skirt on the sideline, and she almost always is wearing an animal print. She brought her A-game to this one and also had on red heels. Well played.

No idea who this cat is. He was on TNT’s postgame show, but I couldn’t find him on the network’s website. But anyway, I like this ensemble. Maybe would have preferred a gray sportcoat because black is awfully overpowering. But he gets it with the tie, shirt and pocket square. Although those bleached tips are a disaster, and he should rethink the facial hair. Still, solid effort, whoever you are.