Puma love

Ever since former Oklahoma State golfer Rickie Fowler signed an endorsement with Puma, my casual interest has turned into an infatuation. (With Puma, I mean. Not Rickie Fowler. That would be weird.)

Getty Images

Fowler loves the monochrome look. Some say it’s over the top, but it’s obvious Fowler has already established himself as a fashion icon in the sport. The above is what he wore for the opening round of the Masters. You know what I like about him? He always does it up big.


And while Tiger Woods wears red on Sundays, Fowler always wears his trademark head-to-toe orange, presumably as an homage to his alma mater. Or he just likes the color.

Getty Images

That’s enough about Rickie Fowler. Back to me. So I’m in the market for a new pair of sneakers (or “kicks,” as the kids call them this days) for rare no-heel occasions. After MUCH searching, I stumbled upon these gems ($75, puma.com)

Or do I want white and gray?

Can’t decide. Wish I could afford both. Will probably go with the red. Isn’t that would Rickie would do?